East Bay Neighborhoods and Prices

Claremont: $1.2M and up
The area just above and below the Claremont Hotel has long been “the place to be” in Oakland. Typically, the homes are large and elegant. In the hills above the Claremont they range from Traditional older homes to modern, newer homes as you go up the hill. The Oakland Hills fire caused much of this area to be rebuilt and therefore it has a variety of large (2,500 to 4,000 square foot) modern, custom-built homes. Prices in the Claremont District will range from about 1.2M to as much as 5M. (1.5M is probably more the norm.)

Rockridge: $800k to $1.2M
Runs from 51st Street to Alcatraz Avenue above and below College Avenue extending approximately to Telegraph Avenue. This neighborhood has become one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Oakland owing to the creation of fashionable food shops, cafes, shops and restaurants. The Rockridge BART station is a sort of central point with Market Hall just across the street. Here, young and old, moms, dads and kids stroll along College Avenue, drink their morning coffees or enjoy a nice lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants. Home prices in this area reflect its popularity. Homes below College Avenue tend to be small, bungalow type homes ranging from 1000 to 2000 square feet and prices range from $750K to $950K.

The Upper Rockridge: $1.2M and up
Area adjacent to Rockridge, mostly above Broadway bordered on the east by Montclair and Piedmont, on west by Claremont. Generally very large new homes. This area was mostly destroyed by the Oakland Hills fire and rebuilt in the 90’s.

Temescal: $600k to $800k
Extending south and west of the Rockridge, the Temescal area is now enjoying the growth and revitalization one would expect for an area bordering such an attractive one. Businesses and services are sprouting up along Telegraph Avenue south of 51st Street including some nice restaurants like Dona Tomas and Genova Delicatessen. Bungalows in the area are climbing in price to the high 5’s and the low 6’s and there is some new loft development as well.

Piedmont Avenue: $600k to $800k
The residential area on either side of Piedmont Avenue meets the Temescal at Broadway. On the east side it borders the exclusive town of Piedmont. Homes in this area have enjoyed a nice boom lately and are priced from the mid 6’s up to around $800,000. This is a mixed assortment of homes from bungalow to larger traditionals to large apartment or Condo buildings. Parking here is at a premium. Piedmont Avenue has a great variety of businesses and nice restaurants ranging from Barney’s Hamburgers to BayWolf and other upscale gourmet restaurants including Dopo and the soon to open Cesars.

Trestle Glen: $800k to $1.2M
Extending past the commercial centers of both Grand and Lakeshore Avenues the residential area borders on Piedmont. There are lovely mediteranean, tudor and other traditional style homes. They are usually larger, from 1,500 to 3,000 square feet and 3 to 4 bedrooms. These homes have been fetching from 800.000 to 1.2M and up especially as you get closer to the Crocker Highlands area. Lakeshore and Grand Avenues have been improving at a good rate and offer a full array of services including retail, food, banks etc.

Glenview: $600k to $800k
Area around Park Blvd. between 580 and 13. From bungalows nearer 580 to elegant larger homes as you approach 13, this is very nice established area with a fun commercial strip along Park Blvd. inlcuding restaurants and coffee shops and a full array of other services.

Montclair: $800k to $1.2 M
Above Highway 13 south of the Upper Rockridge, Montclair is a woodsy, hillside community with a cute village shopping area. Homes here range from the traditional older homes closer to the village to very modern, hillside homes as you go up toward Skyline Blvd. There are many homes with great city and canyon views.

Diamond District: $450k to $800k
Above Fruitvale between Highway 580 and 13. Shopping at Fruitvale and Montclair. Prices are lower in the lower Diamond, and go up as you come closer to Highway 13.

Laurel District: $450k to $800k
Generally above Highway 580 between 35th and High Streets. Small homes at good prices. It has become a great place for first time buyers. There is a cute old fashioned shopping strip along MacArthur. Some of the area below 580 is now being referred to as Lower Laurel and prices reflect that. Upper Laurel has some views and nicer, larger homes.

Redwood Heights: $600k to $1.2M
Above the Dimond and Laurel Districts in the area of the Mormon Temple and Head Royce School. Enjoys views, cute homes and great freeway access.

Maxwell Park: $600k to $800k
Roughly the area just west of Mills College. This is a very well organized neighborhood of young families. 2 Bedroom Bungalows to 3 and some views. Great freeway access. Shopping at Laurel District and Montclair.

Millsmont: $450k to $600k
South of Mills College. There are some good buys to be had in this attractive area nestled below 580 just south of Mills College.

Allendale: $350k to $450k
North of High Street, below the Lower Laurel, this area is starting to turn around and has had some cute starter homes in the low 400K’s lately. It is definitely worth a look.

Fruitvale: $350k to 450k
This is a busy, densely populated area. One can find some nice properties and it is close to the Fruitvale BART station. It’s historic Latin flavor can make it an exciting place to live, eat and shop.

San Antonio Park: $350k to $450k
There are some nice values here and it is close to downtown Oakland.

West Oakland: $450k to $600k
Experiencing a revival. This area has many interesting homes, Victorians and lofts. There is major development going on and planned. Prices are starting to reflect this, but values are still to be had especially if you are willing to do some renovation.